Merrill Garbus (one half of tUnE-yArDs),backstage at the Royale in Boston, June 16, 2014 
Poppy Delevingne


WWBWT > at PSG studio ☝️Ne-Net embroidered kaftan + vintage Chanel slides ☝️#nenet #chanel

"Like most South Sudanese my age, I was born in a refugee camp and spent my childhood in an out of another. The boats will never stop coming (maybe never is too dramatic, but I will be surprised). For most asylum seekers, that dangerous passage on a leaking boat is the last hope. The current government response blames a drowning man for holding on to a straw. 
Am asked often, but don’t you feel these asylum seekers jumped the queue whilst you wait in a refugee camp? The only difference was that I lacked a boat. The real issues then, at least for an ungrateful refugee who dares to speak, is how far are we willing to go to stop the boat? And what kind of Australia would be left after we have achieved what it is “they” aim for? Will ‘we’ recognize ourselves at the end of this crusade? Or have we accepted that, at all cost, the boat must be stop? An in that process what are “we” protecting and what are ‘we’ ‘scarifying.’It was never said that it’s easy to be good and caring and neither is it costless. Neither is it ever easy to hold on to “our” defining principles in the face of a ‘perceived threat’. A country decides those things that make it what it is; this is a conscious decision, not an accident, made by leaders on behalf of its people. At times like these, even a former refugee asks, is this Australia?”
Nyanyon Bany - a former refugee now living in Australia